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Personalized Children’s Books

“Books, like good friends, should be few and well chosen.”
Samuel Paterson

About the author:

Valentina Stein is a social worker and a writer. Her books have received numerous awards at competitions. She writes books on specialized subjects as well as fascinating books for children that look at dealing with social issues.
Her personalized books for children and teenagers from the “Kingdom of Promise” book series are ideal as presents for any occasion or holiday. They have been written with a pedagogical approach and can bring the healing touch of adventure during any hardship a child might face and which they cannot and must not go through alone. Such times could be the divorce of the parents, parting with a friend or a close relative, death in the family, adoption or moving into a fostering family, growing up, challenges at school, or just any new issues of life.

Illustrated, Fantasy and Adventure Personalized Children's Books

For those of you who have an excitable youngster up to six years old, we highly recommend our personalized books for younger children. “Gingy” and “Monster Child” deal with some subjects such as fear, fantasy and friendship that are very relevant for these ages. The books are richly illustrated and extremely funny.

The personalized books for children and teenagers by Valentina Stein carry the spirit of fantasy and wisdom which inspire children to think, feel and experience their own world and find the hope, the dream and the will for a magnificent life.
Keep an eye on the News section, where the author, also a mum, will continue to share her own tale.

About the books:

"Kingdom of Promise" Series

The "Kingdom of Promise" books series includes three books that are personalized for boys, for girls, and a book that can be personalized for two children – a boy and a girl.
Richly illustrated, the books from this series are suitable for children aged between five and twelve years old.

The format is A4, hardcover, deluxe edition.
Each book would make a memorable gift that you as a parent or your child can make for another child to mark their birthday, Christmas or New Year, a Name Sake day, for when the child starts school or to mark the successful completion of another school year.
Expecting to receive a book personalized in a child’s own name makes every single day a special holiday.
When ordering a book, send us the name of the child the book will be a present for and they will become a hero in the fairy tale!
The moments of surprise, enjoyment and the sensation that the Fairy Tale is happening when the children receive their present must be photographed: "Mum, this is my name! This is me!"
Your child and the character of the book are not the same person, however, the search for identity begins today – "Who am I?"
A child can become anyone they want, if they put all their efforts into it. It is, however, one thing they need to be from a young age that they need to preserve until they are old. It is the understanding that they are the Hero in their own story, fairy tale and their own path. Let's wish them to always use their lives to build bridges through any obstacles.
Making a gift such as this personalized children's book, can help you, the parent, teacher or relative, make a friend for life.


A tale about an enchanted kingdom in which children and knights must endure trials and learn about life and who they are. Your child is a main character in the tale.

"Don't Be Cross Little Man" Books Series

Matchless personalized books for your babies and young children suitable for ages of up to 5 years old.
Richly illustrated books with instructive text in A4 format, hardcover, deluxe edition. Include coloring pages.
Make a unique and timeless present for a newborn baby or for a child’s party.


  • The book for girls tells the story of a girl who gets acquainted with Gingy, the Gingerbread Man. The book is also about preparing the child when the family are expecting a new baby at home.
  • The book for boys is about a boy from London who is afraid of monsters. He receives a stone as a gift. The stone has magical powers and helps him have a peaceful sleep and helps him make the monsters his friends.

The authors of the unique illustrations are Veselka Velinova (http://www.veselkavelinova.com) and Kristina Ivanova.