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Buy and Donate

Buy and Donate is our project for social responsibility.

Project “Every Day is a Holiday”

This is the place for doing good and for creating some wonders.

Only from this page, any book you order can turn a sad day of a sick child into a holiday. You can choose and order a personalized book for a sick child.

We will:

  1. Search for an ill child who has been hospitalized for a long time in one of the towns and cities in Europe where we have volunteers.
  2. Personalize the book you ordered and paid for with the name of that child.
  3. Our volunteers will visit the child in the hospital and will spend some time to talk and draw with them and will give them their personalized book as a gift on your behalf.
  4. When the book you ordered reaches a child, we will notify you. It can take between one to three months for this.
  5. Send you your personal Charity Certificate or a car sticker.