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The contents of this Web site has it’s author’s rights protected. The use of any of this Web site’s contents (text, photos, images and artwork, videos) without the written permission of the site’s owner is strictly prohibited. Any use of this trademark’s products with commercial goals by third parties can lead to legal dispute or to imposing licensing fees for using of the trade mark Feenstein.

The Web site can be accessed by both registered and by unregistered users. When registering for an account at this Web site, you agree to providing your personal data. Users can change their personal data in their account at any time and can request that their user account is closed. Registered users also agree that their personal data will be processed by declares that it will not provide the personal data of any of its registered users to any third parties for the purposes of advertisement, for promotions or for any other use.

By accepting these General Rules, any registered users agree to receiving emails and notifications from in regards to any orders they have placed through their account as well as any of our advertisements in the form of an electronic newsletter. Users have the right to unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters.

Online Store
This online store is owned by a single person, Valentina Tsvetkova-Evtimova, a partner in a partnership Feenstein Evtimov Journalisten PartGmbB Medien & Entertainmentgesellschaft registered in Germany with tax number:  057/153/00569  and VAT ID: DE308536917.

All product prices for the European market are in Euro, British Pound and Bulgarian Leva. The legal entity is obligated to pay tax in Germany.

The turnover tax is the most important source of income in Germany for the federal government, the Länder and municipalities. The goods and services are not all with a uniform tax rate taxed, but there are goods and services that are subject to a reduced tax rate or an average rate. There has been a reduced tax rate in German tax law since 1968. The turnover tax rates are regulated in Germany in the UStG. The general tax rate (§ 12 para 1 UStG) is currently 19% of the tax base.

For certain deliveries and services, this general tax rate is reduced to currently 7% pursuant to § 12 (2) UStG. For example, supplies and services subject to the reduced tax rate are:  Books and newspapers, art objects.

The site shows any discounts, main characteristics and any additional details about the products. The owner of the online shop, Valentina Evtimova, has the right to change the prices at any time without notifying the users in advance. Customers must pay the price which has been shown when they placed the order.

In order for us to accept an order, all fields in the order form must be filled in with the correct details. Customers receive a notification at the email address they have specified.

The products on this site that have a personalization (name of a child or an adult, or any other personal characteristics, data or preferences) cannot be returned within the 14 day period valid for all the other products. It is not possible to cancel an order with personalization after pressing the Order button!

In some circumstances, reserves the right to refuse to complete an order. Such circumstances could be any technical errors, unacceptable behavior of the users and others.

The orders are delivered via courier delivery or by post as provided by the delivery company. The online shop offers a special promotion for the European market – a free delivery.

It is not possible to pay after delivery for any products that have personalization.

Delivery via courier are to a specified address. Customers must provide the exact postal address for delivery as well as an up-to-date phone number. cannot be responsible if customers have supplied an incomplete or an incorrect address.

Deliveries within Europe remain free as a promotion until the owner of the trademark decides otherwise.

Terms of delivery

Orders are delivered in Europe within 15-20 working days after the order has been submitted and paid for, or according to the delivery schedule of the respective courier. This term begins with receiving the payment by bank or by an online payment. cannot be held responsible, if the courier does not delivered within these time frames or if the delivery does not reach the address for reasons not under our control.

If a customer does not provide an access and any suitable conditions for delivering the order at the specified address, is released from the obligation to complete the order and the sum paid for it will not be refunded! reserves the right to change the courier services without notifying the customers if this change does not affect the price, the terms and the method of delivery.

Payment Methods
The accepted payment methods are PayPal, debit or credit cards, and bank transfers.

1 When paying online or through PayPal, the term for delivery starts after the transaction is confirmed. This is the fastest and most reliable way to purchase from

2. Bank transfers must be made into the following German bank account:

Berliner Sparkasse

IBAN: DE40100500001060899198


Recipient: Valentina Tsvetkova-Evtimova

Reason: Please, provide the following reason with your order number: “Order number… through”.

The term of delivery starts with receiving the order amount through the two accounts shown above.

When paying online or by a bank transfer, the owner of is not responsible for any expenses for fees, commissions, or any other additional payments made by the customer in connection with the transaction as well as any fees for currency conversion incurred by the banks or other payment providers.

Payments must be received within 3 working days from the date of generation an order through After this period expires, the order will be deemed as canceled if the payment has not been received.

When a payment has been made for an order of a personalized product, the payment will not be refunded.

Returns and Claims

Under the Consumer Protection Law, after receiving your order you have the right to return any books you have ordered, unless they are advertise as personalized products in our shop within 14 days and when the following conditions are met:

– There is no damage to the books or signs of wear and tear;
– No attempt has been made to tear our pages;
– There are no damages caused by the customer because of negligent use or transportation;
– Any charges for delivery to a client or for returning an order are at the expense of the customer.

The order receipt is the proof of order. To return an order, the two parties fill in and sign an additional protocol.

Any claims can only be submitted within 14 days after receiving the order.

When raising a claim, customers can request the following:

– A full refund of the amount of money paid;
– Replacing the order with a new one;
– A discount of the price.

Refunds, replacements or discounts are provided within 30 days.

In the event of any changes to the contents, the value, or the terms of deliveries of an order that has been place, we are going to inform the customer by phone or email and the order will not be sent until we receive the customer’s personal agreement with the changed terms.

When canceling an order that has been paid for by a debit or a credit card, the amount is only refunded through a bank operation into the bank account for the same card.

The products on the site which are personalized (with the name of the child or an adult, or using any other personal characteristics, data or preferences) cannot be returned within the 14 days period valid for the other products.


Users can leave comments either at the designated places on the Web site or in any social media pages of the trade mark Feenstein. Comments are not allowed if they are not related to the specific product, book or author. We reserve the right to remove any offensive or inappropriate comments,  comments that include references to other websites or such that only use capital letters. The right to comment will be restricted for users who repeatedly violate these rules.

Other strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information on its Web site, however, it cannot guarantee the same for any other referenced sources or that there are no errors in any of the pages. cannot be held responsible for any information which is provided on any third-party websites. reserves the right to change the contents of its Web site or the way of accessing the information on it at any time as well as to terminate the usage of the site following an illegal access, any improper action or such that violate the country’s laws.

Using the Web site means that you have familiarized yourself with these General Rules for Using the Web Site and have agreed to comply with them unconditionally.

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