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This unique book can be personalized either for one child – a boy .

A matchless and exciting gift for a birthday, for Christmas, New Year, to mark a personal achievement or celebration… or just because you love your young heroes.

A personalized book for children aged between four and 12 years old who will be the heroes in a tale. The main characters of the book will have their names.

Synopsis: The book tells the story of an enchanted Kingdom where some children help King Neon and his knights.

А Pedagogy of Happiness: Friendship, overcoming life’s challenges, taking well thought of decisions, discerning between good and evil, realizing one’s identity are the main pedagogical themes that aim at helping a child develop their emotional intelligence.

Book idea and writing :by the author, Valentina Stein.

The exceptional illustrations are by the professional artist Veselka Velinova

Format: А4, album style, 500g, gloss, hard cover, 45 pages.

Important: When ordering the book, you must write down the first name of the child who will receive the book as a gift in the comments fields.

Delivery: Free delivery in Europe within 25 working days.

About the author:

Valentina Stein is a social worker and a writer. Her books have received numerous awards at competitions. She writes both on specialized subjects as well as fascinating books for children dealing with social issues.

Her personalized books for children and teenagers from the “Kingdom of Promise” book series are an ideal present for any occasion or holiday. At the same time, they have been written with a pedagogical approach and can bring the healing touch of adventure for any hardship a child might face and which they cannot and must not go through alone – such as divorce of the parents, parting with a friend or a close relative, death in the family, adoption or moving into a fostering family, growing up, challenges at school, or just any new issues of life.

The personalized books for children and teenagers by Valentina Stein carry the spirit of fantasy and wisdom which inspire children as they think, feel and experience their own world and find the hope, the dream and the will for a magnificent life.