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The main character of the book is, of course, your little boy. When placing an order, make sure to submit his first name and he will become a part of this amusing story about monsters, a diamond, a funny grandmother and some fairy-tale dreams.

Feenstein, the stone mentioned in the story, is known to help children enter a magical world. The stone lies on the window sill in your child’s room brought in… by the fox of the Parliament. He stole the stone and a baseball cap from the Houses of Parliament in London.

This books makes a gift suitable for any occasion – to celebrate that a child is born, for their Name Sake day or a birthday, for Christmas or New Year. Or, just because the parents or relatives want to show their little hero that monsters are much weaker than his brave heart.

А Pedagogy of Happiness: Fear of monsters, friendship and developing a child’s fantasy are the main pedagogical themes that aim at helping a child develop their emotional intelligence.

Author: Valentina Stein

Illustrations: Christina Ivanova – Chris

Format: А4, hard cover, Deluxe edition, 37 pages.

About the author:

Valentina Stein is a social worker and a writer. Her books have received numerous awards at competitions. She writes both on specialized subjects as well as fascinating books for children dealing with social issues.

For those of you who have an excitable youngster between 0 and six years old, we highly recommend the personalized books for younger children. “Gingy” and “Monster Child” deal with some very interesting subjects such as fear in children, fantasy and friendship. The books are richly illustrated and extremely funny.

The personalized books for children and teenagers by Valentina Stein carry the spirit of fantasy and wisdom which inspire children as they think, feel and experience their own world and find the hope, the dream and the will for a magnificent life.

Important: When ordering the book, you must write down the first name of the child who will receive the book as a gift in the comments fields.

Delivery: Free delivery in Europe within 20 working days.


The Tale Goes On.