Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility – Bring Joy To a Child

Are you a parent, a friend or an organization who want to bring joy and happiness to children deprived of parental care? You could team up with us in our social responsibility and do this in one of the following ways:

I. Order a book from our series for babies and younger children, “Gingy” and “Monster Kid”. The books are sponsored by DSK Bank in Bulgaria ( With this, you become a partner with us in our charitable activities. 2% of the proceeds from these books are donated to SOS Children’s Villages in Bulgaria.

II. Through our project “Every Day is a Holiday”.

Order a children’s book by your choice and we will:

  1. Find an ill child who have been hospitalized for a long time in a town in Europe where we have volunteers.
  2. We will use the child’s name to personalize the book which ordered.
  3. Our volunteers who are participating in the project in the various towns in Europe will visit the child in the hospital. They will spend some time with them to chat and draw and will give them their personalized book as a gift from you.

III. By organizing an event to fund-raise and purchase multiple personalized books for children who grow up in homes for children deprived from parental care. You could deliver the books yourselves or choose for us to do it on your behalf.
Your present will not only delight and fascinate the children. By receiving a book which is personalized with their name, each child receives the rare chance to acquaint with their own significance and the opportunity to be the hero in their own fairy tale as well as in life.
If you plan to organize such an event for Christmas, New Year or for another holiday, ensure you place an order and contact us at least 20 days in advance. A 10% volume discount off the price applies on all orders of 10 or more books from our web site.

IV. By teaching your own child about sharing. You could order a personalized book together and then bring it and give it to a child who is being raised in a home for children deprived from parental care for an occasion they have.
Or, you could visit a child who is ill in a hospital and bring them their own personalized book from